Many savvy executives of North American manufacturing companies have established a plant or key supplier relationships in China (and elsewhere in Asia). After making significant investments in these business operations, it’s essential to achieve success and a strong ROI.


The problem is, it’s not easy to know how effective and efficient those Asian operations are. Business factors that are not obvious, along with a changing business environment in Asia, could be keeping financial returns significantly lower than they should be. That’s often true whether it’s a company-owned operation, a joint venture, or supplier relationship.


For example, here are some common uncertainties:

  • Is the local operation as profitable as it should be? Achieving the targeted R.O.I.?
  • Are vendors consistently delivering promised quality standards and following the agreed practices – even when there’s no one representing the home office on site to oversee and audit?
  • Is the current sourcing arrangement providing the best available cost and performance?
  • Could launches of new products or new businesses be poorly positioned to succeed?
  • How vulnerable to industrial espionage might the operations be?
  • Is the local management of your business following your corporate business plan?


Distance, language, culture differences, and other barriers make it tricky to know what’s really going on – or to drive corrective action when an issue arises.


There are real limits to what can be accomplished by typical alternatives for assessing situations and making improvements:

  • Trips to Asia by the CEO or company personnel to assess and try to correct things, or
  • Relying on expatriate staff that may not be sufficiently skilled and culturally astute, or
  • Relying on local management that may not understand the Western company’s culture and expectations, or
  • Assuming all’s well and doing nothing until there’s a major crisis


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