What we believe:

Asia is a very competitive marketplace, with foreign enterprises from around the world competing with growing domestic companies. To successfully compete, you need to understand how to do business in Asia and effectively manage your business activity.


For the small to mid-sized Western company we offer cost effective strategic insights, coupled with practical on-the-ground guidance to manage and grow your business in Asia.


How we work:

We typically start with an assessment of the offshore business, coupled with a review of the parent company’s objectives, expectations and channels of communications with the offshore business.


The majority of the assessment is conducted by a senior member of Ops-Asia, the same person will report the findings back to your company and manage any future engagements with your firm.


Based on the assessment we can address issues-opportunities on behalf of your company; resulting in a ROI on the investment.


We base our services on:

Motto: Fewer words… more results and acceleration of business results

Our objective: Under-promise and over-deliver




“Mr. Waite is a qualified executive with comprehensive working experience and various management skills in many fields, such as manufacturing, engineering, quality control, production planning, materials, data processing and financial management. Though he is an American, Mr. Waite adapted himself to the working conditions in China very soon. And he worked hard and seriously during his term in office. He has also made great achievements while running the joint venture “

Chairman of the Board of the Chinese Partner
American-Chinese Joint Venture in China


“Jim put together our business plan for China, identified our strategic partners, purchased land, designed and built our facility, and selected the equipment to implement the plan. The business plan was put together in one year, and after approval the plant was operating in 11 months.”

“Jim understands the Chinese market. His work is thorough and I recommend him for your consideration.”

President and owner
Privately held American Company


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